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you like my art? Then fave it if you do and if you like it so much then watch me

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I love this art for a reason






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Hey I'm Nick you?

It was a quite Sunday afternoon you were enjoy yourself as your mother came out with your 6 year old brother called (B/N) (your brothers name).

"Hey mum" you smiled at your mother who gave your head a rub you had horns on your head and had a spikey tail with (W/C) (Wings colour) wings and your body was a (B/C) (body colour).

Your mother told you that you were the last of your race which did make you sad but you knew that it was also good in a sort of way.

You got up and decided to walk around Zootopia you were around 10 years old you were very skilled in combat so no animal would mess with you.

You could hear the faint sound of some creature being beaten up going towards the sound your swore a red fox being beaten up by an rhino  taping the rhino on the shoulder you punched him square in the face causing a little blood to come from his nose.

"If I were you I would back off" you say getting into a fighting stance the rhino charged you only for you to side step it and trip it causing it to fall on it's face yo then went to his face and kneed him in it knocking him out.

He was twice your size you lifted him up and dumped him in a dumpster the fox watched in shock at what you just did he then felt what the rhino had put around his neck a shock collar.

Nicks P.O.V  

I had just watched a unknown creature beat up a rhino I said in my head he then walked over to me he raised his fist I closed my eye's expecting a hit only to hear a clang I looked down to see the shock collar on the floor broken I was bleeding quite a lot so I ended up passing out.

Your P.O.V

I picked up the fox and slung him over my shoulder I brought him back to the ranch mother of course asked why I brought a fox home after explain what happened I put him on the spare bed  a few hours later he came to.

Nicks P.O.V

I groaned as I got up my head was still bleeding as for my chest as well looking around I noticed I was in a bedroom a nice one at that I then heard the door open I faked being asleep I swore the same creature that saved me again his (E/C) (eye colour) eyes shinned in the afternoon sun

"I Can tell when your awake fox" the creature chuckled sighing I opened my eyes to see him holding a bucket filled with water and a cloth he sat next to me and said.

"This is going to sting but trust me it will be for the best" he said putting the wet cloth on my head it did sting but soon the blood had stop.

"Anywhere else your bleeding?" he asked I never knew a creature to be so caring.

"Yeah my chest" I took off my shirt to reveal the cut on my chest  he cleaned that up as well.

"So um who and what are you I've never seen your type before" I asked

He smiled at me "Name's (Y/N) and I'm a dragon my family is the last of the dragons as a matter of fact hang on MUM! Get me the sowing kit" he yelled that last part the door opened to reveal a big female dragon.

"Hello there my name is (M/N) (mothers name) who are you?" His mother asked in such a sweet voice.

"My name is Nick, Nick Wilde" I said with a smile I then felt something go into my fur looking down I swore (Y/N) sowing up my chest this dragon was so kind to me I did not know how to thank him though.

"Would you like to spend the night?" (M/N) asked me.

"Well I don't know I could just go back to the shack" I then felt a claw around my shoulder I looked to see (Y/N) have one of his arm's around me he smiled and said "I insist you stay here until your wounds are healed".

"I'M HOME ASSHOLES" a voice yelled through the house

"Shit step dad's home" (Y/N) said

"Who your step dad?" I asked (Y/N) who closed my mouth shut and shushed me.

He then walked out and next thing I knew I heard yelled then some smashing glass in the house

"GET THE HELL OUT YOU DRUNK ASSHOLE NO ONE WANT YOU IN THIS HOUSE LEAVE NOW!" I heard (Y/N) getting mad only for a door to slam shut.

(Y/N) came back with a bag of pea's on his head.

"That was my step dad blood moon a very abusive wolf let just say he gone for gone now".

(Y/N) P.O.V

After my step dad left I showed my younger brother to Nick a few weeks later nick left and was thankful what we had done for him

10 years later

"Hey mum were back and I got the job I'm going to be police officers mum?" (Y/N) walked into the kitchen you feel to your knee when you swore what happened next made you cry you swore your mother in her own blood dead and write was 'the end is coming'

"Bro call the police now"

"What why (Y/N)  what's up"

"Don't come in just call the police" you had tears running down your face

30 minutes later the police came in and made a crime scene.

"Were sorry for your lose you two he have to close down the ranch but he can get you a apartment in  main part of Zootopia  near the police station" a police rhino said as (Y/N) and (B/N) left for there new apartment (Y/N) drove towards the place.

"This is where our new life begin now little bro we have to stick together now were the last of our race"



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Hey I'm Lighthshadow I'm the prince of Equestria and such so I do art and write the odd story but anyway I enjoy being on here even though I do fight to save Equestria I'm still nice so if you wanna chat or something just ask me wanna be in a story? just ask wanna have s a pic done ask I will think of it I'm a nice stallion so don't be afraid to say hi to me anyway that it for now see you all late Lightshadow out :P


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Someone today asked me what is a friend to me? I said they are someone who has stuck by you through thick and thin, who do not care if you are weird but like you all the same, they are someone who if you are being hurt physical or mentally they are there for you, that no matter how odd you dance at prom they dance with you and that you can have a great laugh with them so to all those people who have stuck by the insane thing that is me thank you for being there and thanks for being a friend :) 


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